Most Popular New Features in RTA

During the past several months, RTA’s Product Management team has worked hard to solicit feedback from customers to design and implement new features[...]

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RTA Joins The Transportation Alliance

As we strive to help fleets succeed, RTA has joined The Transportation Alliance as an Associate Member.

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Congratulations to those named to the Leading Fleets List

Congratulations to all of the RTA clients who were named to Government Fleet magazine’s Leading Fleets list at the Government Fleet Expo and Conference[...]

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How to Set Up Your Fleet For Success in 2022

In the movie “The Big Short”, there’s this scene where Christian Bale’s character Michael Burry is talking about the housing bubble that he believes is[...]

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Should You Electrify Your Fleet?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the hype around electric vehicles, which may have you wondering if and when you should electrify your fleet.

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Why All Fleets Should Adopt a DVIR Process

Do your fleet drivers complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) before each route? The Department of Transportation mandates this to be[...]

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Why You Need to Identify Your Fleet Operation’s Stakeholders

One of the most critical elements of operating a successful fleet is Stakeholder Satisfaction. During my career as a fleet professional, this became[...]

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How an FMIS Can Set Your Fleet Up for Success

Recently, I attended the keynote address at our very own users’ conference, RTA Connect 2021. One of the questions RTA CEO Josh Turley asked the fleet[...]

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What Metrics You Should Use to Measure Your Fleet’s Success

You have a plethora of fleet data and metrics available to you each day. Trying to track all of them can be overwhelming – and might not even be[...]

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RTA Welcomes Back Users At Its Annual Conference

As Josh Turley officially opened RTA Connect 2021, he had a message we’ve all become very familiar with: “Welcome back.”

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