4 RTA Enhancements You Need to Start Using Immediately

Your job as a fleet leader is always changing, and therefore, you need your software to change, too. We get that, and that’s why our product and[...]

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Why Reading is Key to Leading

On a recent episode of “The Fleet Success Show” podcast, our hosts revealed a secret behind their leadership abilities – reading.

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Why You Need a Trained Expert to Troubleshoot Your Software Issues

Do you remember the first time you did something dangerous?

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Why Risk Management Is Essential at Your Fleet Operation

A fatal accident occurred at a trucking operation Jeff ran.

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5 Ways to Improve Your School Bus Fleet’s Fuel Consumption

Across the country, fuel costs are forcing schools to alter their schedules and plans for next year.

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Why Your Fleet Operation Needs Resource Efficiency to Succeed

If you were given $1,440 to spend each day, what would you spend it on? Before you start thinking of items – there’s a catch. Whatever you don’t spend,[...]

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Why You Should Select RTA Over Our Competitors

When I talk to clients about RTA’s fleet management software solution – one question frequently comes up: “Why should I choose RTA over one of its[...]

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Why Your Fleet Operation Needs an Intentional Culture

It was only two weeks into a new job at a national trucking company when the CEO flew in. Jeff Jenkins and the rest of the executive leadership team[...]

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10 Key Things I Learned from Running Fleets - Part 3: Employees Want to Be Successful

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we discussed how sometimes your career picks you and how leaders learn from their experiences. In[...]

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10 Key Things I Learned from Running Fleets - Part 2: Leaders Learn from Their Experiences

In Part 1 of “10 Key Things I Learned from Running Fleets,” we discussed the topic of sometimes your career chooses you. I do not know a lot of fleet[...]

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