By Mary Motzko | August 6th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

When selecting a fleet management software solution, you need one that comes with all of the necessary tools to help you properly manage your fleet operation.

Some of the features your software solution should include are:

Vehicle Repairs and History

Your operation needs tools that can track an asset’s repairs. A fleet management software solution should include ways to note a vehicle’s history and previous repairs, as well as ongoing fixes. This information will not only help technicians when making repairs, but it will help you track how much money and labor are being spent on a particular vehicle when determining its total cost of ownership.

Work Orders

Work orders are key to keeping your operation running efficiently. Your fleet management software solution should include a tool that allows staff members to create work orders and assign them to technicians. These should be accessible in the software to allow the parts room staff to see what parts are needed for a job and let fleet managers check the status of each work order to track any delays.

Preventative Maintenance

An organized preventative maintenance program is key to keeping your vehicles on the roadways. To help your program succeed, you need to have tools in your fleet management software solution to easily schedule and track PM services on each vehicle. This allows you to easily run reports on preventative maintenance, and it also helps ensure your vehicles are being properly maintained.

Warranty Claims

Does your operation throw away money each year on unclaimed warranties? Having a way to track warranty claims in your fleet management software can help your operation get more organized around warranties and collect more money. The right solution should allow you to enter warranty information into the system and get alerts when an asset is undergoing a repair on a part that’s under warranty.

Parts Management

Your operation needs to know how many parts are on-hand at your shop. This lets technicians know if the parts he or she needs for a repair are available, or if the job will need to wait until parts are ordered and delivered. With the right fleet management software, parts can be automatically reordered when they hit a certain threshold, eliminating the risk of not having the most-needed parts. This allows your staff to complete work orders more quickly and gets vehicles back on the roads faster.

Reporting Tools

To determine the status of your fleet operation you need to have metrics and statistics available. This can include work order completion statistics, labor hours, preventative maintenance schedules, parts inventory availability, and other information that keeps your fleet running each day. Your fleet management software solution should provide a way to easily run reports on the metrics that are important to your operation.

Purchase Orders

To keep your shop running, you want to be able to easily process purchase orders and keep the information for your main vendors on file and easily accessible. Make sure the software solution you select allows you to track POs and vendors, and offers you blanket PO support, open PO tracking and bulk ordering.

Fuel Entry

Fuel is one of an operation’s highest expenses. Because of this, you need to know how much fuel is being used. Select a software solution that lets you track fuel usage by vehicle to help you determine which assets – and drivers - use the most fuel. It will also help you monitor if any employees are using fuel in their personal vehicles.

Tire Tracking

Tires are generally considered an operation’s third-largest expense. To ensure your operation gets the most out of each tire it’s important to be able to track how tires are performing. Your fleet management software solution should let you track each tire throughout its lifespan.

SaaS Option

You want to select a fleet management software solution that provides you with the most flexibility – both for your users and your subscription. Because of this, make sure your fleet management software solution has a SaaS option to allow your employees to access the software from various devices. Selecting a SaaS plan also enables your operation to save money, free up your IT team from regular maintenance work, and gives you flexibility when adding employees or changing the length of your subscription plan.

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