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When researching for the right fleet maintenance software partner, don't overlook two simple items that will maximize your return on investment.  When establishing a parts inventory program, it is important to set-up a parts warranty program.  Parts warranties should be one of the most often tracked items within your daily operation.

Second, don't miss establishment of an effective preventive maintenance routine set up to track the right data, in the right places, all at the right time.  Having improved access to data allows better shop management overall.

Parts Warranties - Small Parts...Big Business

  • Pay attention to manufacturer's recalls and act accordingly.
  • Even if the item is out of warranty, ask the manufacturer for assistance anyway.  You may be surprised at the help you'll receive.
  • Negotiate a deal with your parts warehouse.  You may be able to receive a routine discount.  Negotiate how to address credits.  You may be pleased with what they have to offer.
  • Review all chargebacks for accuracy.
  • Ensure claims are justifiable and supported.  Retain records per company policies.  The last thing you need added to your plate is an audit.

Preventive Maintenance - It's Cheaper than Reactive Maintenance

  • Plan jobs in advance.  Ensure adequate staff, tools, and parts are available. Coordinate tasks efficiently.
  • Reduce equipment breakdowns and wait times.
  • Preventive maintenance extends the equipment's useful life.
  • Increase the safety of the equipment which, in turn, keeps operators safe.
  • Reduce your company's operational liability.

Increase access to data that matters in a timely fashion.  Determine the effectiveness of your shop's operation.  These are only possible with the right fleet management software solution.  See how RTA exceeds expectations.  Contact us today to schedule a free demo.