By Mary Motzko | December 15th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Your Information Technology staff is likely in high demand around your fleet operation and your company. Your IT team might be responsible for keeping all employees’ computers and software programs up and running, placing a large burden on them.

When you add maintaining a fleet management software system into the mix, it can be a lot for your team to handle and could cause other tasks to be delayed. Instead, buying software from a third-party software company can have the following benefits for your IT team:

Eliminates the Need to Maintain an In-House System

If your fleet operation is using an in-house software system, an ERP or Excel sheets to maintain your operation, it can put a heavy burden on your IT staff to keep the system updated. Whenever there is a bug or an issue that needs to be fixed, the first call is to the IT team, who will need to act quickly to get the system back up and running. For larger problems, this can take multiple IT personnel to repair, taking more resources away from the team’s other day-to-day tasks. With an outside software solution, your IT team can instead contact the software provider when there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Holds the Software Provider Responsible for Upgrades and Maintenance

When your fleet operation purchases an FMIS from a third-party software provider, your IT staff can rely on the provider to make upgrades and perform routine maintenance to the system. Instead of using your team to develop new capabilities in the software, the software company can provide an innovative solution that is constantly being updated with new features to keep your staff using the latest technology. The company can also handle routine maintenance, ensuring your software is kept secure and any bugs are fixed in a timely manner.

Reduce the Need for Hardware Installations with SaaS Options

Some fleet management software providers offer Software as a Service solutions. These subscriptions allow your team to simply log into the hosted software via any internet-connected device to access your operation’s software system. Using this option can eliminate a lot of work for your IT team. Not only does your staff not have to perform maintenance or upgrades on the software, but they also do not have to install the software on each person’s computer. The only set-up they will need to assist with is getting employees their log-in information and ensure each person’s access is correct.

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