It’s a difficult job keeping a fleet of vehicles and equipment running. With so many details to track, fleet managers can struggle to keep their fleet running efficiently.

Fleet management software can help fleet managers succeed. Software can help fleet managers eliminate issues related to vehicle whereabouts, driver behaviors, vehicle downtime and paperwork.


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Vehicle Location

By integrating GPS and telematics into their fleet management system, fleet managers can monitor the whereabouts of their vehicles and drivers.

Fleet managers can track the location of fleets to determine if they are running on-time and if they need to be rerouted to avoid any potential detours.  Using GPS technology, upcoming road construction and detours can be detected, allowing drivers to be rerouted to save both time and fuel. It also allows fleet managers to track locations to alert customers when deliveries are expected.

Telematics can detect maintenance issues in vehicles. Through software integrations with systems like Zonar, the engine of a vehicle will alert the shop to any issues through fault codes. This allows the shop to pro-actively alert the driver to the problem so he or she can take the vehicle in for service.


Driver Behaviors

GPS and telematics data also allow fleet managers to monitor drivers for distracted driving, speeding, hard braking, and other negative behaviors that should be avoided.  This gives managers more insight into what is going on behind the wheel of vehicles. Curbing these behaviors will help keep fleet drivers and others safe on the road.


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Vehicle Downtime

Fleet operations can lose time and money quickly if vehicles and equipment require downtime to repair.

To prevent this, fleet management software helps operations stay on track with preventative maintenance. Software allows vehicles to be scheduled for PM for time slots that work for the operation – keeping the vehicle on the road during peak times. Performing regular preventative maintenance allows technicians to detect problems with a vehicle before they become larger issues that could lead to potential breakdowns on the road.

Fleet management software also allows warranties to be checked and work orders created during PM.




Keeping track of parts inventories, purchase orders, warranties and work orders can create a large pile of paperwork for fleet managers. Fleet management software can help eliminate the paperwork by having all information kept in the system.

Storing all of the information in one place allows staff members and  technicians to all have access to real-time information on vehicles and equipment. The software eliminates the risk of misplacing a piece of paper and allows reports to be pulled on vehicles as needed. This makes for a more efficient and organized operation.


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