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Your job as a fleet leader is always changing, and therefore, you need your software to change, too. We get that, and that’s why our product and development teams at RTA are constantly building new features and enhancements to our fleet management software solution and app.

We listen closely to what our customers request and use their feedback when deciding what new features to work on, and what gets priority.

Check out four of the most recent enhancements we’ve made to our software and learn how they can make your job easier.

RTA Mobile: Paperless Shop Activity

As a fleet manager, you need to know what’s going on at your shop at all times, and who is working on what. Because of this, we added a Paperless Shop Activity Screen to our mobile app. This shows you the status of all employees who are clocked into Paperless Shop. The status categories include Direct Jobs, Indirect Jobs, Lunch, and Idle. It will then show you which employee is under each grouping, what job they are working on (if applicable), the time frame, and their next assigned job. This is helpful for scheduling, but it also lets you (or anyone with the correct permissions) jump in and End Shift for any employees who left the shop for the day without clocking out of a job.

RTA Mobile: Work Order History

We are making it easier to quickly identify previous repairs completed on a vehicle through a new enhancement to our RTA Mobile app. You can now access work order history based on the VMRS code on a work order line, or from the Vehicle screen of the mobile app. When a work order is created, it can be viewed in the app from the Work Orders and the Paperless Shop screens. This access is limited to users with Admin, Facility Admin, Lead Technician, or Technician permissions.

Planned Work

We get it – things come up at your shop that delay work. Whether it’s due to an out-of-stock part or something else, you need the ability to postpone work. We added this new functionality to defer work orders to a later date. This lets you transfer work order line details (like notes) from an existing work order to a future one. It also lets you schedule reminders of work and future job planning from a work order or Drivers Report.

Email from Crystal Reports

An FMIS should make your life easier, so we are helping you save time wherever we can. The latest time-saving enhancement we added is the ability to email reports and other files directly from RTA through the Crystal format.

These are just a handful of the recent updates we’ve made to our software and mobile app. To learn more about our robust solutions, reach out to our Sales team to schedule a demo.