By Mary Motzko | July 20th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Drivers need to complete vehicle inspections on their fleet vehicles before and after each route to stay compliant with Department of Transportation mandates. However, completing these forms can be time-consuming for the drivers and the fleet operation.

A solution to making vehicle inspections more efficient for drivers – and the operation - is to use an Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report application. Using eDVIRs can save fleet operations time and money by:

Requiring Less Double-Data Entry: Having drivers complete handwritten vehicle inspections on paper forms can result in manual double-data entry to get the information into the operation’s fleet management software system. With an eDVIR, the information can be automatically synced to the software, allowing the information to show up in the FMIS and update vehicle records.

Creating Less Paper Forms to Keep Track Of: Using paper forms to record driver inspections can create the risk of the form getting lost as it’s reviewed by technicians to determine what repairs need to be made. With an eDVIR, all of the information stays in the application so it can be easily accessed and stored. If it’s synced with a fleet management software system, the information can also be accessed through that platform.

Letting Technicians Get Started on Repairs: When recording vehicle inspections in an eDVIR application, technicians at the shop can access the report in real-time. This allows them to save time by preparing for the needed repairs – and locating the necessary parts – before the vehicle arrives for maintenance.

Wasting Less Time Trying to Get Information: The eDVIR allows drivers to quickly communicate the needed repairs to the shop’s technicians instead of needing to hand them a paper form detailing their findings. When the repairs are complete, the technicians can then add notes or update the vehicle’s status in the application, eliminating the need to track down the driver and alert him or her that the vehicle is ready. With an eDVIR, all of the information is always accessible in the app, in real-time.

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