By Mary Motzko | August 6th, 2019 | | 0 Comments

Most fleet operations are striving to find more efficiencies. One thing that can hinder this goal is performing tasks manually instead of opting for automated solutions. Manual processes can cause information to be isolated from fleet employees, can prevent internal systems from linking together, can prevent your operation from seeking new technologies, and can result in duplicated work.

Learn more about how manual processes may be hurting your fleet operation.


Information is Siloed

Without automated processes in place, fleet operations run the risk of having information secluded by each department or employee. Individuals might have their own processes in place to gather and store their own individual information. When this happens, other employees can’t readily access the data when it’s needed. This can slow down an operation by preventing vehicle and parts information – along with other fleet data -- from being accessed by multiple employees.

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Internal Systems Aren’t Linked Together

When manual processes are put in place, various areas of your fleet operation might be using different methods to gather information. While this might work for the individual or for the department, this can result in employees not being able to access information that’s housed outside of his or her department. This can put employee productivity and your operation’s overall budget at-risk.


Prevents You from Adapting New Technologies

Manual processes may seem like they work for your fleet operation but using these methods can prevent your operation from seeking new technology. Just because a manual method “works well enough” doesn’t mean it has to continue to be done that way. This mentality can prevent your fleet operation from exploring new ways of performing tasks and can hinder you from exploring new technology that can improve your processes.


Work is Duplicated

Manual processes can cause employees to duplicate work and efforts. Without an automated process in place, employees around the operation can unknowingly perform the same tasks. Automated processes can save employees time by allowing the work to be completed once and let all employees access the information as needed.


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