By Mary Motzko | July 21st, 2020 | | 0 Comments

The coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread effects across the United States that have altered the way we’ve done many things – from working, to traveling, to learning, and more.

This includes the way RTA is conducting onsite training sessions. While our trainers are sidelined from traveling to customers’ shops during the pandemic, we are offering virtual onsite training sessions. This allows us and our clients to stay safe while still providing necessary training.

If your operation needs hands-on training from RTA but the pandemic is preventing us from traveling to your area, check out some of the advantages online training sessions can offer to your fleet operation.

Check out RTA’s virtual (and in-person) training options!

Convenience: Attending virtual training sessions allows you to learn from the convenience of your shop, home or another remote location, as you can join from any computer. It also gives you more options for how others in your shop can attend training. You can set up a stream of the training at your shop, have employees join from their individual computers (from the shop or remote locations), and even record the sessions and share the video links with staff members later.

Customization: Onsite training is all about your fleet operation and the training you need. You can work with our trainers to determine what you want covered during these virtual sessions to completely customize the agenda and make sure your shop employees are getting the information they need to make your shop more efficient.

Flexibility: Scheduling virtual onsite training allows you more flexibility in selecting dates and times. Our trainers are here and ready to assist you – without needing to rely on flight schedules and hotel availability.

Safety: During the coronavirus outbreak, virtual training provides a safe way to learn. You and your employees can safely interact with our trainers from the comfort of your shop or home.

Cost Savings: Scheduling virtual onsite training can result in cost savings for your operation. Since we don’t have to book flights and hotel rooms, there is a cost savings to you for scheduling this convenient option.

If you want to schedule onsite training at your fleet operations, contact our training team to request a date and time!