By Mary Motzko | February 4th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Telematics can be a valuable tool for fleet operations. The technology can be used as an electronic logging device, to monitor vehicle functionality, and to track vehicle locations.

Telematics also offer advantages to your operation that you might be overlooking.

Take a look at some other uses for telematics that can enhance your fleet operation’s overall efficiency and success.

Evaluating Drivers: Telematics can allow fleet operations to perform reviews on drivers as the technology can help determine what negative behaviors the drivers demonstrate. This can help fleet managers grade drivers and determine what areas they need to improve in.  Fleet managers can use the information to address the drivers’ behaviors through performance reviews and trainings.

Monitoring Speeding: Telematics allows fleet operations to track the speed of vehicles. Speeding can lead to accidents, which can put the driver and others on the road at risk. It can also impact the fleet operation’s insurance policy and fees if drivers’ speeding results in accidents.

Checking for Aggressive Braking: If drivers are braking suddenly, it can signal that they were engaging in risky driving behavior, such as following the vehicle in front of them too closely or speeding. This can put the driver at higher risk of getting into an accident.

Monitor Fuel Usage: Fuel usage can be one of a fleet operation’s largest expenses. Therefore, it’s important to monitor how it’s being used. Operations can use telematics to determine if fuel is being wasted by poor driving behaviors like idling and speeding.

Track Maintenance Needs: Telematics allows fleet operations to diagnose maintenance issues before they lead to breakdowns. The technology can alert drivers and fleet operations to issues with a vehicle before it leads to a breakdown. This allows the technicians to determine if the vehicle needs to be brought into the shop immediately, or if the issue is non-urgent and it can wait until after the driver’s route.

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