By Shelley Crouse | September 30th, 2021 | | 0 Comments

At RTA, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with 5-star service. As the Fleet Success Company, it is our daily mission to help our customers succeed in their various roles by understanding their needs and finding ways to fully utilize RTA’s fleet management software to get the results they need. As with any customer service department, we strive to live by and provide superb Customer Service as we implement the following key principles:

The ‘Why’ Factor

Fully understanding the end goal of “why” the customer needs to conduct a specific task or output will help determine the best way to help them. It’s important to ask prompting questions to clarify the issue and end goal. There may be more than one way to accomplish the task, or a better way to teach them best practices for how to accomplish the objective.


The old adage, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime,” is something we seek in working with our customers. It may be easier and faster to run the process for them, but we want to empower our customers by having them “drive” as we walk them through steps and processes to get not only the muscle memory of the exercise, but also the confidence in knowing they can do it for themselves. Part of what makes working with our customers so great is seeing how they apply the principles we teach them as they run with this knowledge and create their own best processes and practices.

Tools & Accessibility

It is important that we can offer our customers options even when there may not seem to be a straightforward way to accomplish the task. Sometimes providing the customer all the options gives them the ability to understand what we have to offer while allowing them to decide what works best for them and their processes. Are there some steps they can skip? Would a different connection work better for the access they need? Or is it important that they do something exactly how we show them? We seek to learn from and understand the challenges our customers face to provide them with the right tools. Our online Knowledge Base allows customers to search and learn skills. We also offer online training videos to our SaaS Hosted customers to view and track their own training progress, and our customer Feedback site provides a forum for our customers to be heard as they provide us with invaluable information on their wants and needs.


One of the greatest opportunities we have is to truly build relationships with our customers – to understand their line of business, their pain points, and their challenges. At RTA, we value these relationships and the trust we build as we consistently make their experience with our customer success representatives positive, worthwhile, friendly, and educational.

Transparency & Escalation

One of our processes that helps us quickly and efficiently assist our customers is having full transparency when an individual success representative may not know or have the answer. At RTA we can provide a range of support technicians to give us the resources to escalate an issue when it's beyond our own knowledge or skills. Escalating or queueing our support calls helps get you with the right support representative. Our goal is to fully understand the issue at hand and then recognize when it may be something that needs to be escalated to another success support technician. Your time is valuable so streamlining our queue escalation processes is imperative to everyone’s success.

Shelley Crouse is a member of RTA’s 5-star Customer Success team. She also works with our Training team to teach RTA users how to use and succeed with the fleet management software.

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