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What you should be asking your fleet maintenance software company

In an age where there are hundreds of technology companies in business, it is important that you get to know your fleet management software company and how they will partner with your organization.  Here are 5 questions you should ask when learning more about fleet maintenance software and how a company's solution can fit your needs.

How in-depth is your experience within my industry?

This may seem like a simple or logical question, but when choosing fleet maintenance software, this question is vital to your success.  Choosing a company with extensive experience in your dedicated industry shows the software is applicable and adaptable to your environment.  A fleet management software solution must adapt to your specific needs in order for you to be as successful as you possibly can be.  RTA's fleet management software was developed by fleet managers for fleet managers.

How will you partner with my business?

Looking long-term, consider how the fleet management software solution will improve your company's success.  Will the company you are partnering with treat you as family, get to know you, your staff, and your operation in order that a true, solid partnership can be developed?  How can the software, software developer and you come together to streamline operations, save time, and make you efficient?

How well do you integrate with others?

It's important that your fleet maintenance software integrate with various applications such as fueling systems, accounting/financial packages, telematics, driver reporting and inspections, etc.  Having the ability to integrate strengthens each of the technology applications and, in turn, strengthens your operation.  It's important to have a software solution expandable to incorporate varied integrations within your organization.

How often is your software updated and is it applicable to my situation?

With the frequent changes in mandates, the increased need for liability protection, and moving your department from reactive to proactive, the need for continually updated software is a must for survival.  Your fleet maintenance software must stay in tune with your industry as it changes.  The software should be updated on a continual basis.  A fleet management software company should also accept input and update enhancement requests from its users - continually.

What technical support and training services do you offer?

Ensuring the implementation process is smooth, followed with staff training and technical support after the sale is crucial to your success.  It is important the staff operating the software know how to use it.   As continual updates with the software occur and you learn more about its inner workings, you will have questions and your software company needs to be there to answer them.  As new staff is hired on, training will need to take place.  Make sure you are with a software company that can meet these on-going needs.


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