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Fleet operations have numerous options when it comes to selecting a fleet management software solution. Because of this, it’s important for them to ask the right questions when researching companies to ensure they are selecting the right software – and the right partner – for their operation.

Below are five questions fleet operations should consider asking to learn more about a software company and its solution.


How In-depth is Your Experience in the Fleet Industry?

When choosing fleet management software, operations need to ensure they are selecting a company to partner with that has experience in the fleet industry. Operations need a solution that is built with fleet managers and their staffs in mind. Partnering with experts in the field allows the operation to benefit from the company’s experience and assures the operation they are using the latest technology and best-practices. When operations have a question about their business, they need to know the company building and supporting their software understands the issue and the importance of getting it resolved.

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How Will You Partner with Our Operation?

Operations should determine what kind of a partnership they’d like to have with the fleet management software company. Are they looking for a vendor – a company that provides the software, follows the service level agreement and provides assistance when needed? Or are they looking for a long-term partner – a company that develops relationships with the operation and its staff, plays a hands-on role in ensuring the software is working properly, and cares about the long-term forecast for the operation? Knowing what kind of a relationship the operation wants to establish with a software provider can help determine which company the fleet operation should select.


How Well Do You Integrate with Other Software and Apps?

It’s important that the software an operation selects can integrate with various applications, including: fueling systems, accounting and financial packages, telematics, driver reporting and inspections, and more.  Having the ability to integrate strengthens each of the technology applications and, in turn, strengthens the fleet operation.  Before fleet operations select a software solution, it’s important to ask which software and applications their system can integrate with, and any additional work or fees that might require. Asking which preferred partners the software company works with can also help determine future integration options for the operation.


How Often – and How -- is the Software Updated?

Before selecting a fleet management software solution, operations need to ensure the software will be updated to stay current with compliance, technology and industry trends. Getting a schedule of releases and determining how often enhancements and features are added will help inform operations. Companies should also ask software providers how these updates are performed. Operations should know before selecting a solution how hands-on their team will need to be to carry out updates and what the expectations are in terms of staffing and complexity.

What Technical Support and Training Services are Offered?

Operations need to determine how the selected fleet management software will be implemented, and what on-going support the software company offers after onboarding.

Operations should also ask about training. The staff will need initial training to get started using the software, but additional training can be needed over time as staff members, technology and needs change.


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