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When fleet operations – like a lot of companies -- create lists of what is important to their business, they might include hiring a quality staff, making profits, staying on budget and hitting deadlines and goals.

Often overlooked is the importance of providing good customer service. While we might think of customer service as an area in a department store where you can make returns and exchanges, it’s an important pillar that filters through all types of businesses – even fleet operations.

Find out how providing good customer service can result in more profits, customers, brand loyalty, long-term employees and overall company pride.

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Good Work Results in Higher Profits

Providing good customer service means both the client and the operation benefit. When a company provides quality work and services during an initial interaction, the customer is happy because they save time by having the work completed correctly the first time. This also benefits the operation, as it saves labor, parts and materials that could be needed if work needs to be re-done to correct mistakes.

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Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Providing quality customer service makes clients happy – which can result in recommendations and referrals to their colleagues, friends and other connections. This helps build up a business or operation’s reputation, which can ultimately lead to more profits. While it benefits external customers, it also helps operations who have internal clients. Providing good customer service helps build the department's reputation within the organization, which makes it the go-to place for maintenance, repairs and consultations when needed instead of looking for outside help.

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Build Loyalty

When customers know they are going to have a good experience when working with a company, they are more likely to do additional business with them. This can lead to more return business, which can create a more stable economic environment for the operation. Having return customers also helps the company build relationships with clients. This allows staff members to feel appreciated and more connected to their work – which benefits the employees and customers.

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 Create Less Staff Turnover

Knowing that their work is appreciated helps keep staff members content. Employees know customers are satisfied with their performance, which helps give them purpose at work each day. This can encourage them to continue working for the operation long-term. Dealing with happy customers is also easier on employees than trying to calm upset clients, which makes work more enjoyable – and less stressful -- for staff members.

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Take Pride in Helping Others Succeed

Companies that provide good customer service can take pride in the fact that their work is helping others succeed. The fleet operation is providing quality service and support to clients, which in turn is making their lives easier. At RTA, we are proud of our 4.9 customer satisfaction rating. We strive to help make fleet managers’ lives easier, and are pleased that our dedication to supporting our clients is making a difference.


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