By Mary Motzko | August 15th, 2019 | | 0 Comments

To allow your fleet operation to perform at a high level, it’s important to run frequent reports through your fleet management software solution to track the operation’s status. There are numerous reports fleet operations can run to obtain information on their fleet, whether it’s vehicle information, maintenance updates, or other data. While it’s up to each fleet to determine which data is most important, certain reports should be run regularly to help keep your operation running well.

Preventative Maintenance

Running regular preventative maintenance reports can help your fleet operation determine which vehicles are due for PM services, which are past due, and which are scheduled in the near future. It can help fleets better organize which vehicles are available and can ensure all vehicles receive regular PM. Performing regular preventative maintenance can help your fleet operation detect issues with a vehicle early on to prevent larger issues later. This can help prevent untimely breakdowns and potential downtime.

Fuel Usage

Running regular fuel usage reports can help fleet operations monitor the usage of fuel to determine how much fuel each vehicle is using. This can help operations detect if any employee is misusing fuel for their own personal usage.

Work Orders Status

Running regular reports on work orders can help fleet managers monitor productivity in the shop. Reports can detail which WOs are on-hold or waiting so managers can investigate the delays and try to help technicians complete the jobs. Reports can also be run to show completed work orders to help managers determine productivity over a given time interval.

Total Fleet Operational Costs

It’s always a good idea to know where your fleet operation stands in terms of its budget. Running regular reports on total fleet operational costs can help fleet managers get ahead of unexpected increases in parts costs or labor hours, for example, and track how it impacts their overall budget.

Safety and Compliance

There are several reports fleets should run regularly to ensure the safety and compliance of their fleet operation. Running regular reports can ensure fleets are prepared in case of an audit. Some reports that fleets can consider running include vehicle inspections and reports, driver license checking and driver training reports.


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