When selecting a fleet management software solution, there are key differences between on-premise software and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings.

On-premise solutions require your fleet operation to buy the software and host it locally. Because the software is installed in each individual computer, any upgrades or ongoing maintenance on the software will have to be performed by your operation.

With SaaS, fleet operations purchase subscriptions to the software for set time intervals, typically monthly, quarterly or yearly. The software is usually hosted on the cloud, and users access it by logging into the solution via any internet-connected device through their assigned username and password.

SaaS comes with the added benefit of having the software provider handle the bulk of the work when it comes to infrastructure, upgrades, maintenance and data recovery.


SaaS models let the software provider handle the underlying infrastructure of the solution. This frees up your IT staff from maintaining the software and ensuring you’re running the right operating system version on the right database.

In an on-prem solution, typically your fleet operation is responsible for performing all maintenance.

Upgrades and Updates

In SaaS solutions, the software provider will manage all software updates and upgrades for you – eliminating the need for your operation to install or download updates. There is also no downtime for your operation, as the software provider will perform the update and deploy the new version to the cloud. When users log on, they will see the new updates.

With an on-prem solution, these updates need to be conducted by your staff. This can result in employees spending time testing and deploying the updates to each individual computer.

Data Backup and Recovery

When tasked with backing up your own data on a regular basis, as is the case in an on-premise solution, the workload can take a toll on your staff. With a SaaS solution, the software provider should handle this task for you through automatic backups. These backups will ensure your data is secure.


SaaS offers easy integrations with other platforms and systems through APIs. This allows your fleet operation to easily integrate your own systems with the SaaS provider.

Guaranteed Levels of Service

When you purchase on-premise software solutions, there are many factors that will influence how well the software performs. Because the software is hosted locally, the fleet operation’s servers, network connections and other factors can impact it.

Most SaaS providers will offer you a service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee the solution’s performance. Because the software is hosted on the cloud and the software provider controls the infrastructure, they can guarantee levels of service. Most SLA specifics will be outlined in the contract with the software provider.


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