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Fleet operations can get bogged down with paper trails of information following each vehicle or piece of equipment. Keeping paper records of maintenance histories, warranty information, purchase orders and work orders can result in key information getting lost. 

To combat the piles of paper, fleet management software allows fleets to store all necessary information in the solution. Going paperless helps boost productivity, creates easy and secure documentation and information sharing, and gives fleets access to larger quantities of historical data. 

Paperless Shop modules, like RTA’s, can benefit all employees at the operation – from technicians in the shop to upper-management.  They provide information necessary for fleets and employees to function at maximum efficiency through: improved time-tracking, quick access to information, easy communication throughout the shop, reduced errors and simplified workflows. 


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 Accurate Time Tracking 

Paperless Shop solutions can function as a time clock, providing complete tracking of every technician and providing direct vs. indirect labor costs throughout the shop. It eliminates the guesswork regarding how much time a job takes to complete. The feature enables management to allocate labor resources with accuracy and priority, and it allows you to identify training and hiring needs. RTA’s Paperless Shop Module also tracks and reports vacation and sick time. 


Information Where it Matters Most 

Paperless Shop modules work for technicians by providing them with the necessary information for maintaining a vehicle  ̶  including repair history and warranties –  right at their fingertips. This eliminates the need for technicians to waste time trying to track down paperwork. Instead they can access important vehicle records in real-time via the software. 

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 Easy Communication 

RTA offers an additional feature to enhance communication throughout the shop – Paperless Shop Messenger. This allows for paperless communication between management and technicians. The Messenger tool allows management to list current jobs by priority, ensuring all employees are on the same page. It lets technicians post the parts needed to complete a job without physically submitting the time-consuming paperwork. The “Note” feature allows the technician to leave detailed notes on the status of the repair, which is valuable to anyone who might need to step in and complete existing maintenance needs. The entire system is efficient and accurate and can be done without paper forms. 

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Save Time and Reduce Errors 

Paperless Shop solutions improve accuracy and save time with barcode scanning.  Eliminating hand-written orders prevents incorrect part numbers and errors. Barcoding ensures accurate inventory information, allowing for a more comprehensive inventory, and ultimately a better bottom line. 


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Simplify Your Workflow 

Paperless Shop modules also provide technicians with the ability to report any defects they find and automatically add it to the work order. This process saves time and provides better repairs and preventative maintenance. 


Want to improve the efficiency, quality and accuracy of your shop?  From tracking labor hours to accessing historic vehicle information, RTA’s Paperless Shop Module is a must for every fleet. Contact us today to request a free demo to learn about how your operation can upgrade to Paperless Shop.