Using fleet management software can benefit the entire operation. It can increase the productivity of the staff, help fleet managers become more organized, and it can relieve pressure from the operation’s internal Information Technology team.

Using a third-party vendor to provide a software solution allows IT staff members to help the operation maximize its usage of the software solution without having the burden of creating enhancements and updating the software in-house.

See the following examples of how IT teams can work with fleet management software providers.

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  • Implementation and Training

  • An operation’s internal IT team can be the go-to contact between the fleet staff and the software provider to ensure the system is set up correctly on the operation’s devices and the data security and infrastructure meets the operation’s requirements. They can also help train the team on the software and provide specifics on how to use the solution on the operation’s network.
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  • Control Permissions

  • The IT team can be tasked with entering users in the fleet management software solution and setting each user’s permissions. This will allow the operation to control the capabilities each user has in the software.
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  • Create Reports

  • The IT staff can work with the fleet operation team to help develop reports and dashboards to display the fleet operation’s data. The IT team can help the fleet staff decide what data they want to pull and how they want it displayed. They can then work with the software provider to determine the best way to access the data and create the reports.
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  • Troubleshoot Issues

  • Occasionally, problems will arise with the software. The IT team can troubleshoot the issue to determine if it’s a problem with the fleet operation’s network, devices or another internal problem, or if it’s an issue the software provider will need to resolve. The IT staff can be responsible for submitting tickets and following up on problems so the software company has one point of contact instead of getting feedback from multiple users.
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  • Assist with Enhancements and Releases

  • Depending on the type of software solution purchased, the operation’s IT staff might need to assist rolling out new development enhancements and releases. If the software is hosted in the cloud (meaning the software provider performs all updates and heavy-lifting), then the IT team can focus more on checking the software after the release to ensure it is functioning as expected, and that the enhancements and other changes are working.


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