As we begin the year’s fourth quarter, believe it or not, 2019 is winding down.

Now is a good time to check in on the annual goals you set for yourself and your fleet operation. Are you on pace to complete them? If not, the good news is you still have Q4 to work towards them.

Use these tips to stay on course to complete your annual goals by the end of the year.

Review Annual Goals

The first step to completing your goals is to review what tasks you set out to accomplish this year. Take inventory of your annual goals and determine which ones have been completed and which ones remain. Knowing what tasks are left to focus on for the fourth quarter can help when setting your priorities for the rest of the year.

Determine Which Goals Are Still a Priority

When you made your goals nine months ago, the state of your fleet operation might have been different. Since then, you might have altered your budget, added or lost employees, or maybe even shifted priorities for the operation. Because of this, not all of the goals you created back in January might still be relevant. Before you strategize around how to complete the remaining goals on your list, determine if some of the goals can be eliminated or moved to next year due to changing priorities.

Set a Timeline

To ensure your goals get accomplished by the end of the year, set time intervals to complete each task by. This can mean determining how long each task will take to complete and scheduling them accordingly. For the smaller tasks you should be able to set weekly or monthly timelines to complete them by. For the larger items, try breaking them into smaller tasks to make them seem more doable and to keep you and your staff on pace.

Hold Yourself and Your Staff Accountable

To ensure the goals get completed, by yourself and your fleet, make sure everyone is held accountable. If it’s an individual goal, this can mean sharing your goals with others on your staff to make them aware of what you are trying to accomplish, and by when. This will hold you accountable to them for delivering on the task. If it’s an operation-wide goal, then assign tasks to individuals and make the entire staff aware of what the goal is and when it should be completed by to hold everyone accountable for getting it finished.

Schedule Regular Progress Check-ins

To keep everyone on-task and make sure you are staying on schedule, it’s important to meet frequently to get progress reports from your staff, and for you to share your progress with them as well. This can help determine which tasks are on-pace to be completed by their set deadlines and which ones need to be addressed.

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