We all want to save money, right? Whether it's streamlining our operating procedures, reducing inefficiencies or boosting productivity, increasing revenues and diminishing waste should be every business owner's bottom line.

Here at RTA Fleet, we can help you with that objective. We know that in today's economy especially, business owners and managers must be wise about their investments. An investment is really only valuable if it 'walks the walk,' so to speak, and offers you a tangible return.

If you are considering investing in fleet management software, but aren't sure how it can save your business money, take a look at the 8 ways our software system can return you cold, hard cash.

1. Less Vehicle Downtime

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits when it comes to eliminating wasted revenue. How many vehicles in your fleet are out of service right now because of unscheduled repairs or maintenance? Do you actually know how much this downtime is costing your business daily?

Fleet management software reduces downtime through preventative maintenance tracking, allowing you to repair or replace parts and equipment before they break. This way you can keep more vehicles in service and out of the shop.

2. Longer Vehicle/Equipment Lifespan

Fleets usually operate under either preventative or reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is when action is taken after a part or piece of equipment fails. Preventative maintenance allows you to detect and/or mitigate the potential failure, thereby extending the life of the equipment.

It's not rocket science - the better you maintain parts and equipment, the longer they will last and the less money you'll have to fork over for a replacement. As we mentioned above, fleet management software automates maintenance schedules for vehicles and equipment, so they stay in working order longer. This kind of preventative maintenance can give you a 12%-18% cost savings over reactive maintenance - and that's money in your pocket (source).

3. Internal Motor Pool Module

The RTA fleet management system allows a fleet to supply rental services to third parties through our Motor Pool Module. This system offers billing and reservation capabilities and a flexible, multi-tiered rate structure that gives you control even in complex scenarios.

How is this beneficial? Fleet companies can take their motor pool services in house, and because the automated system makes everything seamless, you never have to worry about late check-ins, missing vehicles or delayed billing.

4. Inventory Control

Included in the fleet management software package is a highly extensive Inventory Management System, which allows you to maintain your inventory with virtually no effort on your part.

How? It's entirely automated. This means while your inventory grows, you can manage it even with the same number of employees. You'll also see a reduction in paperwork (no more keeping track of inventory with paper and pen) and you'll be able to all but eliminate inventory mistakes or duplicate orders.

5. Technician Accountability

Fleet management software is about more than just managing your equipment - to be profitable you need to manage your mechanics and their time as well. Our software gives you complete accountability of your shop and provides you with the tools you need to allocate your labor resources as efficiently as possible.

Here's what it does:

  • Tracks the time spent by each mechanic (direct and indirect labor) on a job
  • Identify any training needs, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your technicians
  • Tracks performance against time standards for each job
  • Technicians can clock-in and clock-out of jobs so each and every minute of labor is allocated to the appropriate job

What does this all mean for you? Improved employee efficiency, less wasted time and resources, better accountability, and improved communication. Our software frees up your mechanics from doing paperwork so they can focus on what they do best.

6. Fuel Tracking

One of a fleet's largest expenses is fuel. Our software's Fuel Tracking system can help you gain control over your fuel costs, helping you keep track of each transaction and keep your odometers and hubometers up to date. The software can also help you fill out your IFTA and get your fuel credits when it comes time for Fuel Tax reporting (IFTA).

7. Tire Tracking

Knowledge is power; imagine being able to see how each tire is performing, including the exact cost-per-mile. Having this information allows you to see if tires from one manufacturer are giving you a better cost-per-mile, so you can get the best bang for your buck and reduce your overall operating costs.

8. Warranty Recovery and Tracking

What's one of the fastest ways to improve your fleet's operational bottom line? Warranty recovery; it literally saves you from flushing money down the drain.

When it comes time for a repair, just enter the repair information and our fleet management software will notify you and 'flag' the repair if it is under warranty. You will be able to create a claim and track that claim using the system. The system allows you to track warranties for OEM, Extended and component or after-market parts.

Remember when we talked about preventative vs. reactive? Here's a great feature - the system can notify you to do a warranty expiration inspection several months before the warranty expires, so you can submit the claim before it even expires.

It really does pay to have a good fleet management software system on your side. Our clients are decreasing costs, increasing productivity and seeing a ROI in as little as 6 months.

Are you ready to put more cash in your pocket? Contact us to see how you can save money today!

Image credit https://flic.kr/p/aFDkRt