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Importance of an Annual Maintenance Agreement

What's the big deal about maintaining an annual maintenance agreement, you may ask?  The answer and solution are simple, but first, let's discuss and consider a few questions.

Have you ever experienced a time when your computer crashed and the feeling which ensued? Do hopelessness and helplessness come to mind?  How much downtime did you experience?  Did you have an annual maintenance agreement in place with a certified contractor to help with troubleshooting and repair?

Imagine a time when a malfunction happened to a piece of your fleet's equipment.  How did you react? Did the interruption cause significant delay and downtime?  Did a lack of preventive maintenance increase the repair expenses? How long was the equipment out of service, costing you time and money?  Was the equipment under warranty or did insurance cover the repair?

Where in lies the problem, there is a solution.  The same goes for your software's annual maintenance agreement.

Clients renewing their annual maintenance agreement benefit from receiving continual updates and upgrades to the software ensuring optimal performance and productivity.

Cost savings add up with an annual maintenance agreement.

  • Phone, email, and knowledge base from a technical support department
  • Increased longevity of the software
  • Expert technicians available to answer the toughest questions to your trickiest fleet needs
  • Eliminate coverage lapses and remain up-to-date with the latest software offerings
  • Avoid hourly charges for service calls

As processes and procedures change within the fleet management realm, it is important the software stay up-to-date as well.  Maintaining an annual maintenance agreement goes a long way in keeping your fleet in tune, on time, and in compliance.

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