Keep Your Shop Organized and Productive With These 5 Steps

Is your fleet operation’s productivity slipping? While many factors can influence this, one element that can affect your shop’s productivity is its[...]

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Help Your IT Team by Using Secure eDVIR Solutions

When a fleet operation decides to use an electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR) tool, it can greatly benefit the entire staff. While it [...]

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5 Ways to Make Driver Vehicle Inspections Easier

To remain compliant, fleet drivers must perform inspections on commercial vehicles before and after routes. While these are important to ensure vehicles [...]

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How eDVIRs Make Fleet Maintenance Easier

To keep your fleet operation compliant, drivers must perform vehicle inspections before and after each trip. These Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports[...]

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How to Use eDVIR Tools to Keep Your Fleet Compliant

To stay compliant with federal mandates, fleet operations are required to keep a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) for each commercial motor vehicle[...]

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Are Your Preventative Maintenance Checklists Being Done in the Right Order?

To keep your fleet vehicles on the roadways, it’s important to establish an organized preventative maintenance program. This can ensure your vehicles are[...]

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City of Greenville, S.C. Named to 2020 Leading Fleets List

The city of Greenville, S.C. was ranked No. 20 in the Government Fleet 50 Leading Fleets list, which was announced Tuesday via a Virtual Honors[...]

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Why You Need a Succession Plan for Your Fleet Operation

Do you have a super-star technician that your shop can’t function without? Is there a plan for who will replace you as fleet manager?  

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How to Run Your Operation with a Reduced Staff

The COVID-19 outbreak has left an impact across the U.S., leaving many fleet operations trying to operate on a reduced budget to make up for lost business[...]

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How Technology Can Save Your Fleet Operation Money

The coronavirus has impacted almost all businesses in various ways, including fleet operations. As business was disrupted during weeks of quarantine, your[...]

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How to Hire Technicians During the COVID-19 Crisis

For fleet operations, there is potentially one positive to come out of the coronavirus pandemic – the opportunity to fill open technician jobs.  With high[...]

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6 Tips to Make Your Meetings More Effective

Does your fleet operation struggle to find enough time in the workday to get its work orders done? If so, it can be hard to take employees away from their[...]

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