By Mary Motzko | March 24th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

When selecting a fleet management software solution, you need one that allows your fleet operation to properly track and manage your assets.

To make your operation more efficient and productive – and to properly track your assets -- some tools that should be in the software solution can include:

Asset Repairs and History

Your operation needs to be able to keep track of an asset’s repairs. A fleet management software solution should include ways to note an asset’s history and previous repairs, as well as ongoing fixes. Recording this information – and having access to it – can help alert technicians of previous issues when working on a vehicle.

This can also help your operation track how much money and labor are being spent on a vehicle’s repairs. This will allow you to calculate the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.

Work Orders

To keep your operation running efficiently, it’s important to have a work order solution in your fleet management software. This tool can allow staff to create work orders in the system and assign them to technicians. Having work orders available in the software also allows multiple employees to have access to them, improving the shop’s efficiency by letting technicians and parts room staff simultaneously get the information they need. It also lets fleet managers check the status of each work order.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the keys to keeping your fleet vehicles on the roadways is an organized preventative maintenance program. To ensure your program is successful, there should be tools in your fleet management software solution to allow you to easily schedule assets for PM and run reports to quickly determine which vehicles are due for preventative maintenance. Having the information available in the software will let your operation ensure assets are being properly maintained, and let you schedule vehicles for PM at a time that’s convenient for each asset’s workload.

Warranty Claims

To give your fleet operation more money back in its budget, it’s important to track warranty claims. This can be easily done with fleet management software. You can enter warranty information into the system and access it as vehicles are in for repairs. You can also set up notices to get alerted when an asset is brought in for a concern regarding a part that’s under warranty.

Parts Management

You need to be able to track how many parts are on-hand in your fleet operation when assets come in for repairs. Fleet management software should track the number of parts in inventory and have a way to automatically reorder parts that are out-of-stock. Having this information accessible can allow your operation to complete work orders more quickly – getting assets back on the road sooner.

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