H-GAC Awards Ron Turley Associates, Inc. A Two-Year Fleet Management Software Purchasing Co-Op Contract

The Houston-Galveston Area Council's (H-GAC) co-op program, HGACBuy, one of the country’s fastest-growing governmental cooperative purchasing[...]

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Case Study: How a Fleet Service Garage in Kern County, CA Avoided Impending Bankruptcy

RTA’s recent case study tells the incredible story of how a fleet manager saved his garage from bankruptcy by switching to RTA’s fleet management[...]

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How Fleet Managers Save Fleets Money


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What to Consider When Purchasing a Fleet Management Software Solution

When looking for the right fleet management software, there are important questions to ask each vendor and consider through your own research, to[...]

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System Value Analysis

 Valuable Features a Fleet Management Software Should Encompass

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Why Attend RTA’s 27th Annual Users’ Conference...In A Nutshell


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Benefits of Barcoding

Speed and ease of managing the flow of parts inventory is crucial.  Removing the human error element increases proficiency which saves your shop time[...]

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Benefits of Continual Training in Fleet Management Software

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Value of RTA’s Fleet University

 Fleet University is the home of free, valuable resources to help make fleet managers and management more productive while running a safer fleet.

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Improving Automation

Is your fleet management process in line with today’s technology?  Mechanics across the country are asking for a system that provides improved[...]

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