Unfortunately, breakdowns can be inevitable for fleet operations from time-to-time. But taking the right precautions can help make these issues rare instead of regular occurrences.

Follow an Organized Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Having an organized PM program at your operation can help eliminate untimely breakdowns of vehicles. If the preventative maintenance program is followed correctly and technicians are thorough, small problems can be detected during these routine services. This lets technicians repair the problems and hopefully prevent larger issues from occurring later.

Create a PM Checklist

To ensure technicians are inspecting the right areas during routine preventative maintenance, it’s important to create a checklist for them to work off of. This keeps track of areas of the vehicle technicians already inspected and reminds them of areas that still need to be examined. This also ensures there is continuity between all preventative maintenance services and that all vehicles receive the same inspection.

Track Vehicle Recalls

Vehicle recalls can lead to breakdowns if they are not taken care of in a timely manner. This can be prevented by initiating an asset recall process in your fleet operation. Creating a procedure that needs to be followed when a vehicle recall is issued and determining how to flag the affected vehicles will help ensure all assets impacted by the recall are serviced.

Use the Right Fleet Management Software

To help prevent breakdowns, it’s important for your fleet operation to use the right fleet management software. The right solution can help your operation schedule and track preventative maintenance, record each vehicle’s repair history, track vehicle recalls and help track work orders and warranty claims – and more. To determine which fleet management software solution is right for your operation it’s important to identify which areas your operation values the most and what information it wants to be able to access through the software.

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