The promise of less paperwork, fewer lost documents, and greater efficiency was the driving force behind a mass exodus of fleet managers renouncing pen and paper for PCs and tablets within the last decade and a half. Fleet preventive maintenance software acting as automated maintenance systems are undeniably better at managing a massive amount of equipment-specific data than a fleet manager with a clipboard. Additionally, preventive maintenance software enables managers to aggressively regulate the performance of their equipment by establishing preventive maintenance programs that actively monitor the health of fleet assets.

Traditionally, many fleet managers would personally develop maintenance schedules and procedures which depended upon reliability statistics that were influenced by OEM warranties and standardized through the regular testing of fleet vehicles.

In the 21st century we have access to inexpensive yet highly sophisticated hardware and software systems and mountains of fleet-specific data, enabling us to overhaul our traditional fleet management solutions with ones that are hyper-efficient and prime for preventive fleet maintenance.

3 Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Software


1. Pertinent Information

The key to increased productivity and fewer equipment breakdowns is having good information when you need it. Fleet management systems deliver that information.

With a comprehensive understanding of which pieces of equipment require maintenance at which times, the maintenance work is more efficiently planned and completed. Unexpected stops and service interruptions become fewer and farther between, contributing to a more efficient fleet service overall. Other passive benefits include increased equipment longevity, shop safety, and fewer accidents.


2. Fault Codes

In use since 1970, the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting System (VMRS) is a codeset developed by the American Trucking Association to provide a universal standardized language for employees within different departments to increase communication clarity regarding equipment malfunctions and failures.

Prior to widespread adoption of this protocol, there was essentially no standardized procedure for logging and reporting equipment errors aside from internally-developed procedures specific to individual companies. Without a documentation system, the statistics for any given fleet were useless beyond the competence of an in-house fleet manager and his ability to stay on top of his scheduled maintenance duties. A standardized model was desperately needed and the VMRS system was the solution.

VMRS codes opened the door for fleet management software developers to build sophisticated preventive maintenance systems that include VMRS support as well as custom support for company-specific needs.


3. Fleet-specific Strategies

One of the biggest benefits of a customized fleet management system is the ability to personalize solutions for your fleet. With a tailored approach to fleet management, managers have the power to acknowledge nuances that are characteristic of their fleet and implement custom solutions capable of nurturing that data.

For example, a fleet of vehicles might be equipped with proprietary equipment that requires regular maintenance. A custom software feature might allow you to log each piece of equipment individually and set a maintenance schedule.


The Road to Profitability

When it comes to fleet management, the lowest cost of ownership (LCO) is an important figure. From a fleet manager’s perspective, for any given piece of equipment, the holy grail is to maintain an LCO of $0. This is actually an impossible goal given that the initial cost of the equipment contributes to the LCO putting it above $0 immediately after purchase. Fleet managers should consider investing in robust PM software capable of efficiently managing their equipment of inventory to try and keep their LCO as low as possible.

Fleet management preventive maintenance software is key to profitability for businesses that internally manage fleets. Additionally, custom solutions are key to optimizing the fleet management system for your equipment. RTA Fleet offers competitive pricing on industry-leading fleet management systems, fully customizable to meet the ever-changing demands of your fleet.

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