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2Speed and ease of managing the flow of parts inventory is crucial.  Removing the human error element increases proficiency which saves your shop time and money.

RTA’s barcoding solutions include robust, full-featured barcode scanners, portable readers and barcode printers to make barcoding in your shop a snap to implement.

Take advantage of the barcode capabilities within your RTA software to increase productivity and multi-functioning equipment.

  • Maintain data integrity
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Included programs make shop operations efficient

Save Time + Money

Reduce the time needed to take inventories from days to hours or hours to minutes.  Keep up-to-date tracking on inventories.  Improve the speed of completing PMs.  Use a barcoding system to scan vehicles and parts utilized for maintenance and repair.

Implementing a barcoding system into your routine day-to-day operation improves productivity, therefore, saving time and money. Consider a shipment of parts - it takes minutes to manually write down necessary information then type this into the computer.  With a barcoding system, a few clicks is all takes.  This adds up to significant time savings.

Which functions does your shop perform by hand:

  • Vehicle/equipment meter updates
  • Year-end inventory
  • Cycle counts
  • Receive parts into inventory
  • Preventive Maintenance updating
  • Fuel and fluids tracking
  • Parts room bin location set-up and management
  • Vehicle wash tracking
  • Work order creation and maintenance

With RTA’s barcoding system, eliminate the need to perform these items manually.  Speed up performance and accuracy by implementing RTA’s barcoding system.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Work processes move at a much faster pace and can be precisely tracked.  Don’t spend unnecessary time tracking down the location or status of a part - a barcoding system keeps track of inventories so your shop can save time and respond more quickly to inquiries and the need for parts.

Benefits of Barcoding

  • Track inventory with precision
  • Track scalable data
  • Improved technology increases barcoding effectiveness
  • Capabilities are built into existing RTA software
  • Eliminate manual entry and handwriting
  • Provide asset tracking and security
  • Cost-effective system: Set-up and Implementation are a breeze

Virtually Eliminate Errors and Excessive Costs

Data entry errors are a significant source of  increased costs and associated problems.  Left unchecked, data entry errors add up to big bucks - fast!  Eliminate these headaches by implementing a barcoding system today. When applied with forethought and planning, barcoding systems save time, reduce errors, and costs.

Tighten your shop’s operation with a barcoding system from RTA.


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