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It’s a common issue amongst fleet operations. The company as a whole is using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, so the fleet operation is expected to use it for its day-to-day fleet management needs as well.

From the upper-management position, using the ERP solution the company is already paying for and has integrated across all other departments makes sense. All departments are on the same system. They are paying for one software license versus two.

But from the fleet management perspective, ERP isn’t going to cut it. Fleet operations need software that is specific to their needs. While ERP might get part of the job done, fleet managers need a solution for their entire operation’s needs.

Take a look at some of the benefits a dedicated fleet management software solution has over ERP software.


Created for Fleet Operations

While ERP solutions can help fleet operations solve some of their day-to-day issues, dedicated fleet management software solutions can help fleets with their entire operation.

Fleet management software is built specifically for fleet operations’ needs. Fleets don’t have to take an existing, generic ERP solution and make it work for them. Fleet management software is already set up for fleets.


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Built with Expertise

Fleet management software draws on the expertise of fleet professionals and is tested by others in the industry to ensure it meets the needs of operations.

It goes beyond accounting and scheduling tools. Fleet management software goes in-depth to create specific preventative maintenance tools, and solutions for important fleet aspects like Work Orders, Parts Inventory, Purchase Orders, Vehicle History, Warranty information, and more. It also offers reporting tools unique to fleets. Managers can use dashboards and data to pull information on maintenance tasks, outstanding WOs or POs, labor, driver reports, and more.


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Utilizes Best Practices

Using fleet management software also helps operations ensure they are using updated best practices. As the fleet industry changes and improves, fleet management software changes with it. Instead of trying to make ERP solutions work for them, fleet operations can use dedicated fleet management software to ensure they are using the most recent technology.


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Provides Networking Opportunities

Fleet management software also helps connect fleet operations with others in the industry. Fleet managers have access to others they can network with who are also using the software. They have opportunities to engage with these peers at various technology events.

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Eases Staffing Needs

Using fleet management software can also help operations with staffing. While ERP solutions might need to be customized to fit the fleet operation’s needs, dedicated fleet management software is often developed by third-party vendors. This means operations can let the vendor take care of upgrades and other enhancements and not have to hire dedicated IT professionals and developers to make the software work for them.


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