By Mary Motzko | October 8th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Is your fleet using paper forms for vehicle inspections? While these forms allow drivers to record vehicle defects found during an inspection, they do not provide the same benefits as electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (eDVIR).

Some of the advantages of using eDVIRs can include:

More accurate repairs: When drivers perform inspections on paper forms, technicians can struggle to decipher their handwriting. If a note is misread or misinterpreted it can lead to the shop performing the wrong repairs. With an eDVIR, the notes are clear and legible to reduce any communication issues between the drivers and the shop.

Customized templates: Using an app, fleet operations can create customized inspection forms that are specific to the vehicle being examined. These can be formatted to allow the driver to inspect the vehicle in a convenient manner – starting in one area of the vehicle and moving around it to ensure he or she is not backtracking or re-inspecting the same areas. Paper inspection forms may not be set up in this manner, causing drivers to waste time.

Specialized tools: Electronic DVIRs provide drivers with additional options when reporting defects. With some applications, drivers can use voice recordings to describe an issue and take photos of defects to submit with their reports.

Compliance features: eDVIR apps can be built with DOT regulations in mind to ensure your operation meets the criteria for vehicle inspections. With these tools, fleet operations can create forms that meet all DOT inspection requirements, including getting needed signatures. These can also be stored electronically so the inspections are kept on file, per DOT mandates.

Improves communication: With eDVIR apps, drivers can submit the vehicle inspections into the app, where technicians can access them and – if the eDVIR is synced with the operation’s fleet management software system – the work orders can be quickly created to schedule the needed repairs. This helps improve the communication between the drivers and technicians, which can make the inspection and repair process more efficient.

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