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RTA’s recent case study tells the incredible story of how a fleet manager saved his garage from bankruptcy by switching to RTA’s fleet management software. In ten years, Kern County’s Fleet Services Garage transitioned from near-failure to financial stability and success.

Subject of the Case Study

Fleet Services of Kern County, California provides a variety of vehicle services for county departments and special districts. The now-successful maintenance garage is responsible for purchasing, maintaining and repairing more than 1/3 of the overall county’s vehicles. Additionally, the garage manages the county’s commercial fuel vendor and provides departments with a comprehensive vendor list to provide punctual repair service in outlying areas. In Fiscal Year 2014-2015, Fleet Services processed an average of 552 work orders per month.


The Problem

A paper shop and fleet management system with minimal features resulted in inaccurately high maintenance prices for Kern County Fleet Services’ customers. In 1995, the newly appointed fleet manager, Larry Werts, had to find a way to lower maintenance costs and save the garage from imminent bankruptcy.

Quickly, however, the issue exacerbated.

Shortly after Werts’ appointment, the sheriff’s department left Kern County Fleet Services. Werts’ newly appointed fleet went from 1250 to 354 vehicles, a total loss of 896 vehicles. The garage was on the verge of closure, dropping from 23 employees to only nine.

Under a new department head, Werts was informed if he was unable to lower the maintenance prices to compete with private fleet maintenance corporations, the garage would close. It was up to him to find a fleet management software that provided reports and data for accurate billing rates and more organized management.

Werts looked at every available option, researching dozens of fleet management programs. After an exhaustive search, Werts’ decision came down to either Fleet Anywhere by Maximus Inc. (now AssetWorks) or RTA’s fleet management software.

After further research and side-by-side testing, Werts chose RTA as their new fleet management software and hoped it would save the garage.


Find Out What Saved Kern County Fleet Services

Pulled out of bankruptcy and into financial security, the garage was saved.


“It was the best move I made.” – Larry Werts

  • 112% fleet increase in five years
  • 30% staff increase
  • 45% fleet increase each year following Werts’ switch to RTA

Prices dropped to a competitive level and maintenance turnaround time was limited to a three-day maximum, bringing back almost every customer who left the garage in 1995.

Now, the Kern County Fleet Services comfortably maintains 1,236 vehicles.


Find out how Werts saved his garage by downloading the full case study.


RTA Fleet

Designed to save your fleet money, keep your management organized and increase efficiency, RTA’s fleet management software was created by one of the industry’s biggest names.

Ron Turley had one of the first authoritative voices in the fleet industry, and his influence continues today. Before founding RTA in 1979, Ron saved UPS nearly $100 million in vehicle costs during five years as their national director of maintenance. Adjusted for inflation, that figure would be more than $300 million in cost savings today.

RTA fleet management software takes the best practices Ron developed during his time with UPS and makes them available to fleet managers everywhere. The program has saved fleets, such as Kern County Fleet Services, thousands of dollars and contributed to their continued success.

Learn more about how RTA has successfully transformed fleets here.