By Mary Motzko | October 19th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (eDVIRs) can help make vehicle inspections easier, faster, and cheaper for your fleet operation to perform. When selecting which tool is the right fit for your shop, it’s important to ask software providers the right questions.

Get answers to these key questions before purchasing an eDVIR tool for your fleet operation.


Can I create customized inspection templates? This is important, as it will cut time from the inspection process and ensure the right components on each asset are being inspected.

Can I make edits to inspections, and will I be charged for making changes? It’s important to know all capabilities and potential fees additional functionality could cost you.

What devices will the application work on? It’s crucial to know if your drivers’ current mobile devices are sufficient, or if new smart phones and tablets will need to be purchased.

Will this sync with my fleet management software solution? You don’t want to perform double data-entry to transfer inspection information into your software. Save your staff time by ensuring the eDVIR tool can integrate with your FMIS.


What features are included in the app to ensure my fleet meets Department of Transportation guidelines? One of the benefits of eDVIR tools is they can keep your operation compliant with DOT mandates. Make sure the app you select has safeguards in place to avoid potential violations and fines.


What is the cost? Get all of the pricing information upfront to ensure the eDVIR app fits in your budget. Make sure you ask for any hidden costs that you could incur later.

Are there additional costs per vehicle or user? When choosing an app, make sure to ask if there are additional fees to add users or vehicles as you expand your staff and fleet.

How many inspections are included with the cost? Make sure you know before you commit to an app how many inspections are included with the pricing model. Especially if you have a large fleet, this is important to know so you can budget accordingly.


What support does your company provide to help troubleshoot issues? If you run into problems with the app, you need to know what level of support the software provider offers.

How much implementation work is needed? Ask the software provider how much set-up work is required. This will help you create a realistic timeline for rolling out the tool to your drivers.

How much training is needed to get up and running on the app? It’s important to know the ease-of-use of the app. This will help you prepare your staff for any training they will need to use the tool.

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