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Choose the right fleet management software company.  There are many companies within the marketplace who claim to offer comprehensive fleet management software.

A true fleet management software company should be considered a long-term partner and work with you as a team member.

History + Vision

Research how long the company has been in business.  Have they been bought and sold numerous times or is the company long-standing within the industry?  Does the company provide and hold true to its mission, vision, and values?

Not only is the long-term history of the company important but also understand how the company stays in front of technological advances and modernization while meeting clients needs.

Implementation, Training and Support

Once the software is installed and staff is ready to utilize, knowing how strong and secure a company's implementation, training, and support mechanisms are is very important to the success of the operation.  Having dedicated support staff to separately handle implementation, training, and support is crucial.

Does the software company offer implementation and training after the sale?  Determine how the company's technical support department is established and how it functions.  Is staff available for special requests after hours?


RTA understands each fleet's needs vary and no two are alike.  Several fleets need integration with fueling, financial, and telematics, solutions to name a few.

RTA's custom programming department stands ready to serve each client's customized programming needs to ensure smooth operation across-the-board of all software solutions.


Research what other companies, private and public, are saying about the company, product, ease of use, support departments, etc.  Ask the software company for references of long-standing and newer clients.

Long-standing clients can advise of the continual advancements of the product and services and newer clients can advise of implementation and training.  Each should give you the overall picture of what you can expect.  Then ask questions of each reference and the software company itself.

Service After the Sale

Congratulations, you've decided upon a vendor.   Now what?  Hopefully research has been completed to know what to expect next.  Make sure there is an approximate timeline given in order to know what the next steps are.  In addition, ask about product and service warranties and take advantage of these services.

Training is also an important component.  RTA's trainers are full-time employees of RTA who know and understand the inner workings of the system. What better than to have someone who has worked with the software for quite some time teach your staff on how to use it.  RTA trainers work hard to ensure each client sees results.


Last, but surely not least, let's discuss pricing.  Does a robust and scalable fleet management software solution need to be expensive?  RTA doesn't believe so.  RTA works hard to offer an affordable yet powerhouse fleet management solution for any sized fleet.


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