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4When looking for the right fleet management software, there are important questions to ask each vendor and consider through your own research, to ensure the best program is purchased for your fleet.

Is the provider a trusted company with an established track record?

This should be easy to discover online. Before contacting a software provider, research how long the company has been in business. Trusted vendors will be highly ranked on software ratings websites, such as Software Advice or Capterra. Not only will these systems be well known within the industry, they should also have their own case studies and non-anonymous testimonials. RTA, for example, is a Top 10 ranked software with both of these providers.


Is the software scalable?

Your fleet may be small now, but what if it grows? If given the opportunity, your fleet management software should not be an obstacle in the way. RTA recommends a management software have the capability to handle anywhere from 25 to 25,000+ assets.

Confirm with the product vendor that the software’s technology has the capacity to handle growth.

Is integration possible?

Many fleets, due to size or different locations, utilize multiple systems. In this case, it is important for the fleet management software to have the capability to integrate to share data and minimize double entry.

Does the software depend on another company for any functions?

This may be hard to believe, but many fleet management software systems rely on another company, such as Google Maps, for a function within the program. In this case, the dependent software company is vulnerable to third-party technical failures and is at the mercy of Google’s terms, which may change at any time.

What is the return on investment? What will the yearly fee provide?

Fleet management software prices can range widely. However, the value truly lies in the return on your investment, which should be enough to pay for the cost of installation.

Similarly, most fleet management software systems charge a yearly fee. This yearly update should provide you with an upgraded system and benefits, not simply the license renewal. Ask the vendor what annual support fees provide.

How RTA Can Help You Discover the Right Management Software for Your Fleet

Ron Turley had one of the first authoritative voices in the fleet industry, and his influence continues today in many ways.

Before founding RTA in 1979, Ron saved UPS nearly $100 million in vehicle costs during five years as their national director of maintenance. Adjusted for inflation, that figure would be more than $300 million today (2017 figures).

RTA fleet management software takes the best practices that Ron developed during his time with UPS and makes them available to fleet managers everywhere. It improves productivity through attention to details and data.

Those same best practices are at the heart of RTA’s newest initiative called Fleet University, a program designed to improve fleet management around the world. Fleet University is the home of free, valuable resources to make fleet management more productive, regardless of what software a fleet uses.

We invite you to request a demo of RTA fleet management software, and visit Fleet University often for free resources to save time and money.


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