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03-Advanced-Training It's All in the Design....Fleet Management Software Designed with a Specific Purpose in Mind

In addition to required record keeping, fleet management software is generally designed with a specific purpose in streamline operations.  But, what does it really mean to streamline operations?  It sounds good in theory, but let's take a look at the details...and design.

Fleet management software generally addresses the pain points of preventive maintenance scheduling, work order creation, purchasing opportunities, and reporting.  But a true fleet maintenance software solution should offer much more than that, therefore addressing the complex design of the software to meet desired outcomes.  Let's dive deeper and take a look at those who encounter fleet management software...

In addition to the basics, fleet management software should be designed to make the entire fleet department's life easier by having a hand in streamlining the entire operational process. This process should cover everyone from the service writer to the department manager and each department staff member in between.

Service Writer

A service writer facilitates the transaction between the customer and the shop, so it is important a service writer has access to the correct data in order to provide excellent customer service that is right the first time.  Service writers possess product knowledge and are used to bring efficiency to the customer service experience.  Having a robust fleet management software program allows a service writer complete access needed to correctly enter data into the fleet management software system.


Having the repair information displayed correctly and in a complete manor allows the mechanic to save time by immediately pulling the needed parts and getting to work on the job.  Having the option of posting a parts kit go a job saves time and money knowing the right parts are pulled the first time and the correct quantities are included.

Shop Supervisor

Being a shop supervisor takes knowledge of the assets being repaired, the knowledge to repair, and the parts needed.  Also, a supervisor needs to have the right personnel on the right job.  Having scheduling and employee documentation features located within the software system allows the supervisor to properly and effectively their manpower accordingly.

Department Manager

The departmental manager needs to know the data and reports are not only fully functional but are correct in order to best manage the department.  A manager's role is to ensure operational efficiency and correctness and having correct fleet management data pulls this together.  It is very important for the success of an operation to have robust data displayed in many formats so the departmental manager can correctly analyze and process the data in an efficient manner.  A manager must have reliable staff and data in order to correctly oversee the area of operation.

Effective Design

The design of an effective fleet management software solution must be more than simple tracking of preventive maintenance issues and odometer readings.  It must take into consideration the end user - starting with data entry to collect all necessary information, following through to finishing the repair process, then onto the customer and department management review.

RTA's fleet management software solution offers complete data collection for any departmental user, providing the details that matter most.  RTA's fleet management software solution is designed by fleet managers for fleet managers coupled with continual input from the end user to ensure complete tracking of the information that matters most.  Information that managers need to make accurate decisions, streamline operations, and improve the operation and bottom line.

RTA's robust fleet management software is efficient and improves effectiveness of operations, reduces costs, and brings compliance to the forefront. Consolidate all fleet operational data into an integrated and centralized system.  Track more than the basics - track all of the data you need to succeed.

Flexible, scalable, and robust are just three of the many features the RTA solution offers, catering to any size fleet within any industry.  Designed for the specific purpose in mind - to streamline a fleet's operation from top to bottom.

Contact RTA today and see how easy it is to streamline your fleet's entire operation.  Improving fleet operation one fleet at a time.



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