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picture1As a manager, there are many levels of communication amongst staff to ensure the correct message is being relayed so that confusion is kept to a minimum.

But have you ever thought of how and where data is entered and analyzed that this is too could be a concern of confusion for staff?

Just How Effective Are Spreadsheets?
Does your shop run off of multiple spreadsheets to track asset maintenance, preventive maintenance scheduling, labor productivity, inventories, warranties, equipment cost, and asset history?

It’s easy to see how requiring staff to maintain cumbersome spreadsheets can be confusing – not only for staff but for management to try and ascertain the data as well. In addition, each staff member has varied levels of experience utilizing spreadsheets which can lead to data entry error and calculation mistakes.

Your Staff’s Production Affects YOU
How much productivity is lost due to updating spreadsheets? Not only in the time it takes to update a spreadsheet but the fact that only one person can be access the file at a time. It’s time to take a hard look at your operation and upgrade to a fleet management software solution. Eliminate confusion, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line right from the start.

Keeping track of hundreds or thousands of parts, vehicles, and equipment is nearly impossible without an effective fleet management software system. Experience customized reporting, data sharing across multiple facilities, paperless work orders, inventory control, warranty recovery, labor productivity, scheduling, preventive maintenance, and so much more.

Stop Wasteful Spending…
No one likes to see waste – especially when it comes to equipment maintenance. By implementing a fleet management software solution, job scheduling is maximized, preventive maintenance is coordinated, warranties are tracked, data is in a centralized location, product inventories are accurately maintained. Processes and reporting are streamlined.

…And Become Productive
Open yourself up to a whole new world of productivity, efficiency, and accountability. Improve labor performance by scheduling the right employee to the right job and track labor statistics. Control workloads and operational costs. Establish preventive maintenance schedules to keep assets running in tip top shape. Analyze equipment history from repairs to costs and warranties. Running a paperless shop allows for a huge reduction in data entry errors and duplication of information and a fast and accurate method for capturing data.

Stop running queries in spreadsheets and start running reports – reports that are applicable and make sense. See the details for each asset in real time.

Don’t Be Overloaded
Fleet managers are in charge of a long list of tasks, including preventive maintenance (PM) scheduling, staffing, parts tracking, warranty recoveries, training, budgeting, shop performance. In turn, fleet management software should eliminate the confusion and keep track of all shop functions in one place.

RTA Has The Answer
RTA’s software is jam-packed with features to help your fleet run smoothly on all levels. Some of the primary features include preventive maintenance tracking and scheduling, parts inventory and warranty tracking, and scheduling and communication. RTA’s system eliminates the confusion and tracks it all so nothing is overlooked and no unnecessary tasks are repeated. Staffing schedules paired with clear, easy-to-read notes and documentation, requests and overviews enables staff maintaining your assets to be efficient and productive.

RTA’s fleet management software does this and a whole lot more!. Simply put, RTA’s fleet management software acts as a company-wide calendar for all facets of scheduling, a point of communication between employees, a tracking system to monitor vehicles and a virtual filing cabinet with easily accessible data information and asset history.

Eliminate the confusion today and partner with RTA to make a positive difference in your shop.

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