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In the fleet management industry, there are some software providers who offer online educational resource centers for fleet managers. While seemingly valuable, not all of these online resources are created equal.

As a fleet manager, you deserve free, unbiased and useful information about fleet maintenance, regardless of your affiliation with a software provider. Here’s what to look for:


Free, Public and Valuable Information for All Fleet Managers

RTA Fleet University provides free and valuable resources to the public, not just customers or prospects. All fleet managers can benefit from these materials without committing to any obligations or filtering through sales materials.

In fact, the information provided by RTA Fleet University is taken directly out of the manuals Ron Turley created for fleet management professionals after he saved the UPS nearly $100 million during five years as their national director of maintenance in the 1970s. Adjusted for inflation, that figure would be over $300 million today.

While competitors may market their materials as accessible to the public or of high value, RTA Fleet University is available to improve everyone’s fleet operations—regardless of what fleet management software they use.


Be Wary of Membership-Only Resources and Sales-Driven Materials

Some online resource centers provide a long list of educational tools and materials—as long as you are a paying customer. While these informational courses may potentially be valuable, they are accessible only to customers.

Other online resource centers offer public access to their materials as more of a marketing move. Each educational brochure, infographic or video is actually a sales pitch. In turn, the resources provided are biased toward the provider’s product.

Public content and resources on fleet topics in brochures, case studies, videos, quick guides and infographics, unfortunately, are geared toward prospective customers as opposed to providing true, valuable information regarding fleet management practices.


About RTA

Ron Turley had one of the first authoritative voices in the fleet management industry, and his influence continues today. Following his work with the UPS, he consulted with over 170 organizations in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Far East, Europe and South America. His best practices became the foundation of RTA fleet management software over 35 years ago.

Fleet University continues in the same spirit of improving productivity through attention to details and data, regardless of what software a fleet manager uses.

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