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When the business manager inquired of the mechanic as to which software program was being utilized to run the shop, the mechanic replied  “I don’t know, I just work here.”

Two assumptions can be made here.  First, the mechanic doesn’t like computers or two, the mechanic doesn’t understand how a fleet management software system is utilized.

A fleet management software program should be considered a partner in any shop’s operation.  A successful partnership is designed to advance fleet maintenance operations, eliminate waste, streamline workloads, gather useful data in a centralized location, and assist mechanics and operation managers by providing real-time data on the status of their fleet.

Eliminate Waste

No one likes to see waste – especially when it comes to equipment maintenance.
By implementing a fleet software system, job scheduling is maximized, preventive maintenance is coordinated, warranties are tracked, and product inventories are accurately maintained.   Processes are streamlined so waste is dramatically reduced.

Bottom line…fleet management software must save you time and money.

Streamline Workloads

Having a parts runner working on a transmission repair won’t be the best use of the employee’s (or vehicle’s) time.  Correctly assigning the right employee to the right job not only makes an operation more efficient but effectiveness is dramatically increased. Knowing where the employee is and which job they are working on allows supervisors to better control workloads and operational costs.

Fleet management software must assist in improving employee efficiency.

Usable and Effective Reporting

Utilizing a centralized data system is crucial to the success of any fleet management program. Knowing a vehicle’s repair status, having the ability to generate customizable and usable reports, being up-to-date on warranties, and knowing accurate inventory numbers are essential to operating a successful fleet maintenance operation in real-time.  A fleet management system must tell the complete life story of each piece of equipment.

Operators and managers rely on usable reports to make the best decisions for their operation.

Real-Time Status

Being able to know when vehicles are due for service, when a vehicle is down for repair, how much money has been spent on a specific asset, what items are inventory, and when parts need to be reordered is crucial.  Relying on outdated data is sure to cause problems for the fleet manager.

Partnering with the right software company provides many levels of data – instantly – right at your fingertips.

Continual Improvement & Exceptional Customer Service

Technology evolves on a daily basis and so should your fleet operation.  A software company worth its weight welcomes each partnering agency’s feedback and input on its products and services.  A dedicated implementation team ensures the software is maximized to meet each client’s fleet. In order to protect your software investment, a true partner must be able to offer hosting options, guaranteed software updates and upgrades, continual training options for any level user, provide exceptional customer service and work hard to ensure each customer is successful.

A True Partnership

A software partner must frequently develop, implement and support the products and services that are created.  RTA delivers the right system to address unique and often complex needs of our clients.  RTA is passionate about each client’s growth and success.

Clients benefit from our rich history, leadership, professional team of experts, RTA’s product and customizable solutions, commitment to our clients and on-going development and improvement of RTA’s Fleet Management Software.  Join us.  We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to make your fleet operation successful.

Partner with us to bring combined resources to the table to maximize each facet of your fleet’s operation.

Read what some of our partners are saying.

RTA knows fleet management.  It’s our main focus.  Learn more about RTA today.



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