Advancing-Preventive-MaintenanceRon Turley learned a thing or two about preventive maintenance while saving UPS nearly $100 million in fleet vehicle costs in the 1970s. He shared his insights with fleet managers around the world for the next three decades.

Ron’s insights and best practices are simple ways to track and improve PM resources. For instance, he calculated the following:

  • Every hour of PM saves 3 to 8 hours in vehicle maintenance
  • An advanced PM system spends 50% of the time on PM
  • Dividing up the area under a vehicle into three-foot-diameter circles dramatically saves time on inspections

These are tried-and-true, in-the-trenches tips from one of the first authoritative voices in the fleet industry. And they are now available to fleet managers and mechanics worldwide in a free, 27-page PDF that answers questions such as:

  • What are the 4 items necessary for a complete PM program?
  • What are the benefits of PM over demand maintenance?
  • How often should we schedule inspections?


What's included in this white paper:


Cornerstones of a Successful PM Program

What Is Preventive Maintenance and How Does It Differ from Demand Maintenance

What Is Necessary for a PM System

Benefits of Paying More Attention to PM

PM Affects Cost

Advancing PM Forms and Inspections

Inspection Procures (the Form)

Regular Inspections (the Schedule)

PM Levels of Competence

The Quick Lube Syndrome

Record Keeping

Program Analysis

Simplify Solutions

Advancing Scheduling

Scheduling Methods

Can PM Time Be Wasted?

Advancing Mechanic Training

Who Should Perform Preventative Maintenance?

A Logical Approach

The Circle Concept

Train the Eyes to See

Advancing Quality Control

Review Your Records

Review Your Inspection Intervals

Review Your Forms

Review Your Target Times

Additional Quality Control Tips

Download the full 27-page white paper here, and visit Fleet University for more free resources to make fleets more productive, regardless of what fleet management system you use.



About Fleet University

Fleet University is the home of free, valuable resources to make fleet management more productive. These materials are based on the best practices that Ron Turley developed while saving UPS nearly $100 million during five years as their national director of maintenance in the 1970s. Adjusted for inflation, that figure would be over $300 million today.

Ron had one of the first authoritative voices in the fleet management industry, and his influence continues today. Following UPS, he consulted with over 170 organizations in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Far East, Europe and South America. His best practices became the foundation of RTA fleet management software over 35 years ago. Fleet University continues in the same spirit of improving productivity through attention to details and data, regardless of what software a fleet manager uses.

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