By Mary Motzko | October 1st, 2019 | | 0 Comments

On Dec. 16, 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate goes into effect for all motor carriers and drivers who are required to keep records of duty service (RODS).

This allows law enforcement to easily review drivers’ hours of service and lets fleet operations monitor data on when the engine is running, if the vehicle is moving, how many miles have been driven, and more.

To be compliant, fleet operations will need to install certified ELDs into all required vehicles. When purchasing devices for your fleet, it’s important to make sure they are both compliant with the regulations and a good fit for your operation.

Get tips on what to look for when buying an ELD.

Make Sure the ELD is Compliant

To be compliant with the FMCSA’s regulations, fleet operations can only use Electronic Logging Devices that are certified and registered on the FMCSA’s website. Devices that are not on the FMCSA’s list might not be compliant, and your operation could be in violation of the mandate.

Purchase from the Right Company

When looking at ELD options, make sure you are buying the devices from the manufacturer of the ELD. Instead of going through a reseller, it can be beneficial to work with a company that owns and builds the ELD and its software technology to help troubleshoot and provide more complete service. When selecting a company, you should also look at feedback and reviews from current customers, their company structure, their solution partners, their security policies, and other areas that are important to your operation to ensure the company and their products are the right fit.

Find the Right Device for Your Operation

Before selecting an ELD, make sure the staff members who will be using the devices – including the fleet manager and the drivers – are able to operate them. It’s especially important for drivers to be able to operate the ELDs, as they will need to ensure their information is being recorded and is accessible to show law enforcement.

Find an ELD that Works with Your Fleet Management System

If you already have a fleet management software system in place, look for an ELD that can either operate independently from your software system, or one that can be integrated into it. This will allow you to keep your existing solution and still be able to track ELD data and use its features.

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