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The Houston-Galveston Area Council's (H-GAC) co-op program, HGACBuy, one of the country’s fastest-growing governmental cooperative purchasing agencies, has awarded a two-year contract to Ron Turley Associates, Inc. (“RTA”) for Fleet Maintenance Software to serve their membership, effective March 1, 2017, through the Fleet Services Equipment Contract FL03-17.

RTA’s partnership with H-GACBuy allows governmental/non-profit entities to purchase fleet and asset management software without going through the RFP (Request for Proposals) process.  Responses from competitively procured, fleet-based maintenance companies were evaluated against multiple criteria levels.   RTA’s response included considerations such as pricing, technical support, training, products, and services.

“RTA is pleased to give governmental, educational, utility, and non-profit clients a solid purchasing option to use the H-GACBuy platform when investing in a complete fleet maintenance software solution,” states Josh Turley, CEO. “Cooperative purchasing contracts are fantastic tools allowing purchasing professionals to ensure they are getting the best value for their budgets.”

Cooperative contract use is a growing trend for governmental and non-profit agencies thanks to its competitive process and time-saving benefits.  Membership for governmental-based agencies to H-GACBuy is free and allows access to competitively-awarded contracts, capitalizing on members getting the most for their budgeted dollars.

RTA has been a leader in fleet maintenance software since its inception in 1979, serving clients worldwide.  Ron Turley’s vision was to provide agencies the best in fleet maintenance and that continues today with second generation leadership.

RTA Fleet Maintenance Software was developed by fleet professionals for fleet professionals.  RTA receives input from its client base to continually enhance the fleet management software solution they provide.

H-GACBuy is active throughout the U.S. and provides more than 6,000 members with 40 major categories of products and services from more than 800 highly-qualified contractors, such as RTA.  Membership with H-GACBuy is available nationwide at no cost for governmental/educational/non-profit-based entities.

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