By Mary Motzko | June 25th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

When a fleet operation decides to use an electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (eDVIR) tool, it can greatly benefit the entire staff. While it allows the drivers to easily record their findings from the inspections, technicians to quickly get vehicle notes, and shop staff to conveniently communicate with each other on vehicle status updates and other details, it also has advantages for the operation’s IT staff. 

eDVIR platforms allow IT staffs to enjoy the security of the applications without having to worry about the upkeep and maintenance. Some advantages can include: 

Sign into Secure Platform 

eDVIRs are password protected, meaning only those with log-in credentials and passwords can access it. This allows information about the fleet operation and its vehicles to be safely stored in the platform, with assurances that only those who are authorized can access it. This can give IT teams peace of mind knowing there are measures in place to protect the information and keep it secure. 

Safely Transfer Data from eDVIR to Fleet Management Software 

eDVIR applications can securely connect to fleet management software solutions. This allows data to safely and seamlessly transfer from the eDVIR application to the main software, letting the vehicle information be accessible by other shop employees when they log into the FMIS. This transfer can occur between the two platforms, meaning the IT team doesn’t have to intervene to regularly connect the solutions and transfer the data. 

Application is Maintained by Hosting Company 

One of the biggest advantages for the IT staff is eDVIR applications are created, hosted and maintained by the software company. This means the fleet operation’s IT team doesn’t have to perform upgrades or maintenance on the software application. The IT team can focus on keeping the operation’s devices up and running and not have to worry about the software itself. 


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