By Mary Motzko | September 1st, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Fleet management software solutions are not just for large fleets – they can be just as beneficial for small fleet operations, too.

No matter how many vehicles are in your fleet, you can use a robust software solution to help manage your operation in the following ways:

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Whether you have five vehicles or 5,000 assets in your fleet, it is important to have an organized maintenance process. Fleet management software systems can help with this. These solutions can allow employees to enter Work Orders into the software and easily assign parts and technicians to them. This also enables you to go in at any time and see which WOs are still open and which have been completed.

Fleet management software also lets fleets run an organized preventative maintenance program. You can schedule vehicles for PM at certain intervals, and track which assets are overdue for maintenance and which are scheduled for services soon.

Monitor Fuel Usage

Fuel is one of your operation’s largest expenditures. Because of this, it is important to monitor how much is being used by each vehicle. If a vehicle is starting to use too much fuel, you can track its miles per gallon. You can also track the fuel usage to determine an asset’s Vehicle Utilization. The fuel summaries in the software show how many miles and hours the vehicles are driven over a specific date range.

Asset Management

Managing your vehicles in the fleet management software system allows you to track the Total Cost of Ownership of an asset. With the maintenance records, fuel usage and other operating costs at your fingertips in the system, it is easy to determine when the TCO is too high and the asset should be replaced.

You can also track vehicle warranties in the system to ensure you are not overlooking warranties when making repairs – and possibly throwing money away.

Track Labor

To better monitor your operation’s budget, you should be able to see how much labor has been clocked at any given time – whether it is regular labor hours or overtime. Instead of guessing, get real-time data in your fleet management solution. You can also use the labor tools to track Mechanic Productivity. This will help you optimize talents and identify training opportunities.

Track Parts

To keep the repair process efficient, it is important to use a fleet management software system to track your parts. Solutions can help you quickly determine parts availability, efficiently re-order parts and track individual part warranties.

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