By Mary Motzko | June 23rd, 2020 | | 0 Comments

To keep your fleet operation compliant, drivers must perform vehicle inspections before and after each trip. These Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are necessary to ensure vehicles are operating safely, but they can be time consuming for drivers who have to fill out handwritten forms, and technicians who must decipher the notes. 

Electronic Driver Inspection Reports (eDVIRs) can help simplify this process. These applications allow drivers to conduct inspections on a mobile device, easily inputting inspection information. The information is then stored on the platform – and can be synced with the operation’s fleet management software – to make the information easily accessible to technicians and fleet managers. 

Using eDVIRs can speed up fleet maintenance by: 

Improving CommunicationDrivers and technicians can easily and quickly communicate with each other through the eDVIR application. Instead of drivers asking technicians for updates on a vehicle’s status – taking the technician away from his or her work – the driver can get updates through the application. 

Giving Shops Advance Warning of IssuesWhen drivers fill out paper inspection forms, technicians and others at the shop are not made aware of issues with the vehicle until it is brought into the shop. By using eDVIRstechnicians can access the inspection as soon as a driver completes it, allowing them to prepare for what repairs need to be made. This also lets the shop determine if the problems are serious enough to bring the vehicle into the shop right away, or if the driver can wait until the end of his or her route. 

Making Inspections Available on a Shared PlatformWhen drivers complete paper forms, they hand those pieces of paper to the technicians to indicate what repairs need to be made. This means the technician then has to keep track of that form while making repairs, and then make sure it gets filed at the operation to keep the business compliant with federal regulations. 

Giving Technicians Easy-to-Decipher Forms: Drivers are in a hurry to start and finish their routesWhen performing their inspections, they might quickly jot down notes that can be difficult to read or are in short-hand form. This can cause technicians to spend more time than is necessary to try to make sense of the notes on the forms. When drivers use eDVIRs, the notes are typed and formatted in a way that allows drivers to complete detailed inspections in little time. 


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