By Mary Motzko | November 19th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Whether your trucking company has a large or a small fleet, you need a way to organize the operation’s information and make it easily accessible to help keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop.

Fleet management software can make these tasks easier. Take a look at some of the advantages FMIS solutions can provide to your trucking company.

Keep All Vehicle Information in One Place

To keep your fleet vehicles on the road, it is important to organize their information and maintenance history. This can be difficult without an FMIS, as you might have paper sheets scattered all over your office. Instead, fleet management software solutions allow you to store your vehicles’ information in the solution. This lets you and your staff easily access an asset’s data, and it makes it easier to measure the costs associated with each vehicle.

Keep Vehicles Safer

Fleet management software solutions help ensure your vehicles are safe to be on the road. Through your FMIS, you can create an organized preventative maintenance program to check each asset’s safety components and perform other routine services on a regular basis. You can set alerts in your software solution to remind you when each vehicle is due for PM.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is one of your operation’s largest expenses. Because of this, it is important to track it closely. Your FMIS lets you track fuel usage by vehicle to identify which assets are using the most fuel. This can help you determine if vehicles are becoming inefficient and using too much fuel per mile. It also helps you identify bad driver behaviors, such as idling the vehicle for too long.

Keep Your Fleet Operation Compliant

It is important to keep key information related to each vehicle easily accessible to ensure your fleet is compliant with Department of Transportation requirements. You can store each asset’s insurance information and registration information in the system. This ensures it will not get misplaced, and that it can be quickly located if needed.

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