By Mary Motzko | December 3rd, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Is your government fleet struggling to keep its vehicle information organized? This can make your operation inefficient and can potentially lead to vehicle breakdowns if your assets are not getting maintained regularly.

To stay in better control of your fleet, maintenance, and data, learn how fleet management software can benefit your fleet operation.

FMIS Keeps All of Your Fleet Information in one Place

Do you have stacks of paper forms in various locations throughout your fleet operation? This not only creates clutter, but it can put your information at risk for getting lost and can lead to a disorganized operation. To remedy this issue, fleet management software can keep all of your operation’s data in one place. It allows credentialed staff to easily access the information when needed and stores it in an organized manner to quickly create reports. This puts your mind at ease that crucial information isn’t getting lost in the shuffle around your shop, or that required documents are not misplaced.

Fleet Management Software Gives You Real-Time Data on Your Fleet

With convenient dashboards and reporting tools, fleet management software can provide you with instant data on how your fleet is performing. This keeps you abreast of your labor hours, maintenance costs, vehicle costs, work order statuses, and more. Instead of guessing at how your fleet is performing, fleet management software gives you real-time data to keep you in-the-know.

Track Your Vehicle Costs and Information

Determining the actual cost of keeping a vehicle in your fleet can be difficult to determine without the right information. Fleet management software can make this easy. Through vehicle tools, you can keep files on each vehicle in your fleet operation and track the total cost to purchase and maintain the asset, including its repair history and fuel usage. This will help you determine if it’s worth keeping the vehicle in your fleet or if it’s time to replace it.

Manage Your Vehicle Maintenance

One of the surest ways to keep your government fleet vehicles on the roads and out of the shop is by performing regular preventative maintenance. Creating and running an organized PM program can be difficult if you are not using fleet management software. Trying to organize each vehicle’s PM schedule, tracking any defects that are discovered, and then following up to ensure the services were performed can require a lot of time from your staff. Instead, an FMIS lets your operation set up automatic alerts in the system to remind your staff when a vehicle is due for preventative maintenance. It can also let you know if any vehicles are overdue so you can get them serviced quickly.


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