By Mary Motzko | August 13th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

Fleet managers have a lot to contend with each day to keep their operation running. They have staffs to oversee, vehicles to maintain, budgets to follow, and much more.

Now, the coronavirus outbreak across the U.S. has put even more on managers’ plates. Take a look at these top challenges fleet managers may be facing, and how they can overcome them.


The coronavirus outbreak effected businesses across the U.S., including fleet operations. Shops are tasked with cleaning vehicles to stop the spread of the virus and keeping employees healthy. To overcome these problems caused by the pandemic, fleet managers can put processes in place to sanitize each vehicle. They can also use guidelines from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure workers are using proper safety protocols and are wearing necessary personal protective equipment.

Smaller Budgets and Staffs

The COVID-19 pandemic has also left some fleet operations with smaller operating budgets and fewer staff members as companies might have laid-off or furloughed employees. Fleet managers can overcome these challenges by making daily tasks and processes more efficient to reduce time spent on each job. They can also turn to technology to help, as software can complete tasks that were previously done manually.

Driver Shortages

Many fleet operations are struggling to fill driver roles. Without enough drivers, it may be challenging for fleets to get routes completed on time. More driver applicants may come forward as millions of laid off Americans are looking for work during the pandemic. While interviewing new candidates during the COVID-19 outbreak can be challenging, managers can utilize virtual options to go through the hiring process.

Data Overload

Maybe now more than ever, fleet managers have more data at their fingertips than they know what to do with. Without the right tools it can be difficult for managers to determine how to utilize the data to benefit their operation. Managers can use reporting tools within their fleet management software system to get information on what is going well and what should be changed within their operation.

Surplus of New Technology and Software

Between fleet management software solutions, telematics tools, GPS systems and more, fleet managers have a plethora of technology available to help their operation. To narrow down the tools and determine which solution is best for their shop, managers can research which systems fulfill a need, which provide the most features, and which fit their budget.

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