As the world learns to work remotely, you can set up your fleet team to work from home using Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. 

This fleet management software option offers more flexibility to your team than on-premise solutions.

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With on-premise solutions, the software is installed on each employee’s individual computer. This means that IT staff members have to physically install the software, as well as maintain it and perform all upgrades. It also means that employees can only access it from their specific computer, limiting their flexibility to work from home.

SaaS solutions offer employees and fleet operations more options because they are hosted on the cloud.  Employees can access the solution by logging into any internet-connected device via their designated username and password, which gives employees more choices.

Take a closer look at how the SaaS model offers employees more flexibility.

Log on from various devices

Because SaaS solutions are hosted in the cloud, the software does not need to be installed on each individual employee’s computer. Instead, employees can log onto any internet-connected device with their credentials to access the software. This allows employees to be more flexible with where and when they are utilizing the software. They can now access the software from various parts of the shop, allowing them to get parts information and work orders quickly instead of having to go back to a specific computer to locate the information.

Access via mobile

SaaS solutions are also accessible via mobile devices. This gives employees flexibility to access the software solution when they are away from the shop – such as on a road call, on a route, or at home. Mobile devices can also be used within the operation, allowing employees to access the fleet management software from various areas of the shop – such as the parts room – from the convenience of their phone instead of locating a computer to access the software.

Remote work options

SaaS offers employees the opportunity to access fleet management software through any internet-connected device. This gives more employees the flexibility to work remotely away from the shop, as their positions allow. This benefits employees if they need to finish reports or other data entry at home, or if they are trying to work from the road.

Frees up IT

SaaS subscriptions allow the software provider to take on the bulk of the maintenance and upgrade work on the software. This frees up your operation’s IT staff from having to test and deploy the upgrades internally. SaaS also benefits IT staffs since the software does not need to be installed on each individual computer. Instead, employees can simply log into the software once they are given credentials and access.

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