By Mary Motzko | June 9th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

The coronavirus has impacted almost all businesses in various ways, including fleet operations. As business was disrupted during weeks of quarantine, your shop might be looking for ways to trim costs to comply with a reduced budget. Implementing more technology into your operation can help save money. Find out how fleet management software, telematics and electronic logging devices can reduce your shop’s costs. 

Fleet Management Software 

Saving time can help save fleets money. This can be done by installing fleet management software. These software systems can help fleets save time by organizing their preventative maintenance program, storing all work orders, purchase orders and vehicle information in one place, and allowing parts to be automatically reordered when inventories hit a certain threshold. This allows operations to operate in a more organized – and timely – manner. 


Fleet operations can also reduce time and save money by utilizing telematics solutions. These systems can help operations quickly locate vehicles and reroute them if needed to avoid traffic or construction. Telematics also let operations monitor driver behaviors such as idling and aggressive accelerating that can be costing money in wasted fuel. These systems can help identify issues with vehicles so technicians can repair issues early before they get larger. 

Electronic Logging Devices 

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) can also save operations time and money. These devices reduce the amount of time it takes drivers to log their hours of service by tracking them electronically. ELDs can also monitor when the vehicle is idling, allowing operations to know if drivers are wasting fuel. Tracking the mileage of the vehicles can also help fleets identify if drivers are using vehicles for personal use.  

As your fleet looks to trim its budget this year, consider using technology to make work more efficient in your shop and allow you to better track expenses. 

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