By Mary Motzko | August 25th, 2020 | | 0 Comments

When running a fleet operation, one of the necessities is to adhere to Department of Transportation mandates. It’s necessary to comply with their regulations to keep your staff and your vehicles safe, as well as to avoid fines.

Ensuring your fleet is compliant with the DOT requirements can be time-consuming as you try to track paperwork, reports and certifications. However, using the right fleet management software can help you stay organized and easily access information.

Some of the ways fleet management software can help include:

Store Employees’ License and Driving Record Information

To ensure employees’ driving records and required licensure information are readily available, operations can attach and store them in employees’ files in the software. This reduces the risk of losing any required paperwork. It also ensures each employee has the needed information on file.

Provide Maintenance Reports

The DOT requires operations to show a vehicle’s maintenance records to an inspector to prove needed repairs have been made. Fleet management software can store work orders and vehicle records in the system, making them easily accessible.

Perform Vehicle Inspections

The DOT requires operations to conduct pre- and post-route inspections on vehicles. These inspections need to be kept on file for three months to demonstrate any defects and prove they were repaired. When an eDVIR syncs with an operation’s fleet management software system, the defects and repairs can be added to the vehicle’s records, and the inspection reports are kept within the solution. This makes it easy to show inspectors the notes and any repairs that were required.

Keep Records of Accidents

Fleet operations need to keep reports of any recordable accidents. This can be easily added and stored in a fleet management software solution. Instead of having to keep track of paper forms, operations can quickly access the records through the software system.

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