By Mary Motzko | April 21st, 2020 | | 0 Comments

In order for your fleet operation to be as productive and efficient as possible, it’s important to have the right staff members in place to build a cohesive team.

To successfully form this unit, try using these tips.

Establish and Follow a Mission

To select the right team, you need to decide what the overall goal of the fleet operation is. Knowing what the operation is trying to achieve will help ensure you have the right people in place to accomplish the mission.

Form a Diverse Team

When forming a team, it’s important to select a diverse group to ensure different ideas will be brought forward.   also recommends looking for diverse skill sets to make sure each person brings different strengths and weaknesses to the shop.

Use Individual Strengths

To keep your fleet operation running efficiently, assign roles to individuals based on their strengths, according to the This will allow the team to work efficiently and increase productivity by putting the best person in each role.

Practice Communication

When working as a team, it’s crucial to have good communication. Fleet operations can ensure their team is communicating effectively by practicing communication techniques and encouraging staff members to offer feedback with their teammates and management.

Schedule Team-Building Activities

Functioning as a team can take practice. One way to improve your fleet operation’s teamwork skills is to organize team-building activities, according to These can include activities in the shop, such as team lunches, or outside of the building for an organized activity where team members can work together in a non-work setting.

Encourage Employees to Get to Know Each Other on a Personal Level suggests your fleet staff may perform better as a cohesive team if they know each other on a personal level. This can be achieved by organizing events for employees and their families, as well as scheduling group activities that include ice breakers and conversation starters aimed at helping teammates get to know each other better.

Resolve Conflicts Immediately

Nothing can break a team apart faster than unresolved conflict. According to, to avoid this, it’s necessary to resolve conflicts immediately. If the team members are unable to resolve the issue on their own, managers or others may need to get involved to come to a resolution so the team can go back to working as a cohesive unit.

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